My name is Daniel and I live and work in Oxford. I have been painting seriously as an amateur since about 2017. I did art at A level ‘many year ago’, did a few paintings through my days of youthfulness and then, once my life started properly at 40 I thought I would put more effort into a hobby that I love.
I like to design paintings of my home city of Oxford and the shire (The Shire?) of Oxonia. I like the sense of place and I am interested to see new angles and ways of depicting my environment, the city and the Cotswolds. I am unsure if my interest will wane but so far it has not.
My favourite medium is watercolour. I find the balance between control and freedom beautiful and I never cease to be amazed at how fresh and alive it feels because water is its essence and water likes to run its own course. I do paint in acrylic and oils at times but I want to increase my ability in watercolour for now so it remains my focus.